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GlycosylHydrolase And Transglycosylase Activity Database (GHATAbase)

Update of a database first published in the form of supplementary files to Franková L, Fry SC (2011). Phylogenetic variation in glycosidases and glycanases acting on plant cell wall polysaccharides, and the detection of transglycosidase and trans-β-xylanase activities. The Plant Journal 67, 662-681.

GHATAbase is a list of individual enzyme activities for which evidence was obtained in plant protein extracts. The database was created as a simple list in Excel, allowing users to compare the different categories, to choose the row(s) of interest and to extract the necessary information from the spreadsheet. It is readily searchable and considers valuable resource for selecting plant organs from which to extract and study enzymes of interest. GHATAbase is also hyperlinked to the file containing scans of original TLCs, therefore is recommanded to download both GHATAbase and database-supporting document and save them in the same directory.

Download the database

Download database-supporting TLC scans

How to use GHATAbase (Instruction manual)

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