Driselase digestion products of pAMAC-labelled, •OH-attacked pectin: analysis by high-voltage electrophoresis and HPLC.

Pectin was •OH treated, labelled with pAMAC, Driselase-digested, and analysed by HVPE at pH 6.5 (left). The five indicated spots, which are pAMAC conjugates of pectic oligosaccharides, were eluted from the electrophoretogram analysed by HPLC. MM = Marker mixture of GalAn–pAMAC conjugates.

(Fig. from: Vreeburg RAM, Airianah OB, Fry SC. Fingerprinting of hydroxyl radical-attacked polysaccharides by N-isopropyl 2-aminoacridone labelling. Biochemical Journal 463: 225–237, 2014)