CW model

TLC evidence for trans-α-xylosidase activity.

The chromatogram shows products formed by the action of plant extracts on 1.4 mM XXXG (xyloglucan heptasaccharide; for further explanation of G, L, and X, see text). Pure substrate is shown in the left-hand lane. Blue indicates smaller products remaining after transglycosylation plus any hydrolysis products; pink indicates products formed by trans-α-xylosylation, during which xylose residue(s) are added to XXXG or to one of its major smaller products (pink arrows indicating these trans-xylosylation reactions). DP, degree of polymerization (for example, DP10 indicates a decasaccharide); IP, isoprimeverose.

(from Franková and Fry. Trans-[α]-xylosidase and trans-[β]-galactosidase activities, widespread in plants, modify and stabilise xyloglucan structures. The Plant Journal 71: 45–60, 2012)